Fall Season 2012 - Game 8

Today's game can be summed up on one word.....DUDE!!!

The lineup took a little bit of a shift today because the team was short three midfielders due to injuries or other commitments.  To overcome the deficit in the middle, several of the boys stepped their games up in a BIG way and carried the team to a solid 7-2 victory over a very talented and well coached Skomor team.  They had a very good offense. 

Let's look at the highlights:

  • Ben....AWESOME!  You were a big reason as to why the defense pitched a shutout in the 2nd half.
  • The midfielders and forwards did a better job of working together today.  they showed a lot of trust in completing passes to each other.  This is important because in my offense, the point of attack can come from either wing position just as much as from the striker. 
  • The forwards were very effective and staying up and attacking their defense up the middle.  3 of the 7 goals came from the strikers today.
  • Offensively there were at least 6 crosses into the middle for shot attempts.  At the start of the season, those crosses rarely existed.  

Overall, the boys played a complete game and the coaching points from past practices are showing up in games.  My favorite part from today was how well the boys rebounded the shot deflections from the keeper or the post.  They even capitalized on this with the 3rd goal of the game by Tommy.  Great work. 

The Hawks gained 6 points this weekend from both wins, when the score is posted, the boys will be in 2nd place with two games to go.  The boys control their own destiny.  If they win out, they win the Fall division crown. 

Looking good! 

Up next, we will practice on Thursday to start getting ready for next Saturday's rematch with Pegasus (kick -off at 3:30 PM). START TIME FOR PRACTICE HAS BEEN PUSHED UP TO 5:30PM.  Coaching points will focus on better ball clearing from the defensive third as well as continuing the effort to build that midfielder/forward relationship.

See you all on Thursday. 

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