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Philosophy of NS Hawks Soccer

NS Hawks Soccer is committed to developing the soccer skills of today's youth in a competitive league environment. In its inaugural year, the team of skilled coaches strives to promote and teach the game of soccer, develop players with interest in learning this great game, and create an environment where area youth can learn possession soccer, good sportsmanship and fair play.

Competitive Soccer, Recreational Prices

Your education through NS Hawks soccer is top notch.  We are dedicated to bringing value to families looking for a positive youth soccer experience for their children.  We are not a pay-to-play organization, I will not charge you $1,500 to play on this team.  In fact, I charge one-third of the cost you will find at other "not-for-profit" clubs.  I only look to cover the costs of playing the Fall, Winter and Spring seasons while also providing training opportunities and resources.

Who qualifies?
I do not host public tryouts.  I will host a workout for your son if he wants to be on the Hawks.  There are 3 qualifications.  1) The child must comprehend the basic fundamentals of soccer, 2) demonstrate a genuine desire to want to play the game at the highest level and 3) has an interest to play for this team .  If your child demonstrates these qualities, then he will be asked to work out with the boys at one of the upcoming practices to determine a fit. 

Please do not contact me if you are just kicking the tires.  I do not have time to host a meaningless workout. 

If he qualifies, the coaches will commit to harnessing that passion and turn it into a very positive experience for that child on and off the field.

Greatness in small doses

If your child has interest in soccer, then he has potential to achieve.  On this team, we intend to harness that potential and teach these kids that it is never too early to experience the feeling of achievement.  We also want to teach that greatness does not have to come only once in a lifetime nor is it too small.  It can come in a variety of sizes. 
Educate the Parents!!!
  I cannot emphasize how important this is to the success of the team.  My philosophy to coaching is very defined.  Your boys will get exposed to a truly effective style of soccer, you as parents will also be educated as well.  How else are you going to know if your son truly is learning the game?  Outside of the game, I want to make sure that what you preach mirrors my philosophy.  You will receive frequent emails recapping the game that was recently played as well as all practices.  This way you know what is going on and why things are happening. 

About the Coach

My style of coaching stems around developing the boys both individually and as a team.  While I believe that the game itself is a good teacher, it is not the only teacher.  I preach and teach possession soccer, especially out of the backfield.  In my practices, we focus on set tactical plays (choreography) combined with a lot of fundamental work through scrimmages. A successful program not only teaches how to control the ball, but it should also teach how one should position themselves on the field in every situation.  As with the parents, I make sure that the boys understand why.  

I bring a strong soccer background with a unique ability to effectively teach an 8 or 9 year old how to properly play soccer.  I am a coach and a perpetual student of the game.  Soccer is an evolving sport.  Everyday it provides something new to teach.  The day a coach stops advancing his/her knowledge of this sport is the day that his/her value to a team begins to diminish. 

This organization is not about the coach's past.  It is about our strong ability to develop your child's future.  

Clubs do not develop players, coaches develop players. 

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