Fall 2012 - Training camp

The boys wrapped up August training camp.  If you include July's informal scrimmages, the boys have now been together as a team for 9 practices over 8 weeks... all gearing up for that first game in September.  

Here are the two shifts going into week 1.  To avoid calling them 1 and 2, each shift will be named.  For now I will call them Blues and Reds (Blues:  Noah, Mateo, Markie, Drew, Mick, Aryan, Alex.  Reds: Tyler, Graham, Tommy, Matthew, Ben, Guy, Ned)
I am comfortable with the goalkeeper situation.  We have a good core of skilled keepers with another group of boys wanting to take a turn at it.  Anna had a big part in developing that spirit.
Speaking of Anna, unfortunately we will be losing her services to a career move that is taking her West.  She developed a great relationship with the boys and was the saving grace to showing the boys how to effectively play keeper.  She will be missed, but we are hoping that she shows up for that first game.  

There is not much more to say.  The boys are ready to play that first game and starting taking away the things they did well and learn from any mistakes that were made.  With the Sunday practices, the boys can focus on the finer adjustments right away.  

Thanks to Steve, Edwin, Anna and Ronnie for their help during practices.  Thank you all for suffering through the extreme heat this Summer.   Tomorrow the regular season officially begins.  Once again, enjoy this week.  We will officially see you all on the 6th at Lawler Park (Across from old Orchard Mall).  Thursday practice location is subject to change early on, but I promise to give plenty of notice.  Sunday will ALWAYS be at the Hawks Nest at St Joan.  

See you soon.