Fall Season 2012 - Mid-Season Recap

No games this past week. 

The boys have four games under their belts.  These next games are going to be exciting as we get to watch our sons mature as much on the field as off it.

It is still impressive to watch how these boys respond in a moment of adversity during a game.  In three of the games played, they have trailed on the scoreboard well into the second half and come back to salvage either the win or the tie.  These boys do not quit.  I cannot wait to see what these boys do the rest of the season.

While my interests remain to teach these boys as much about soccer as I can, it is still important for them to have fun playing regardless of the final score.  I cannot emphasize that more.  Win or lose, there is so much that the boys can learn from the experience of this game.  They learn self-confidence, leadership, how to trust one another, and the ability to learn from a short-coming.  When things go well, they learn how to celebrate with dignity and pride.  Even at 6-8 year olds, those positive messages are remembered for life.

For me, success is measured by the boys' eagerness to learn more and finish U8 soccer wanting to play U9 next Fall.  

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