Fall Season 2012 - Game 7

The boys delivered a gem today.

They apparently like playing on the longer field.  That is something to keep in mind for the Spring season when the field gets redesigned.  The bigger field really plays to our strengths.

The boys did a lot of good things today.  The wing midfielders stayed wide and were VERY aggressive today on the offense.  4 of the 5 goals in the 2nd half today were scored by a wing midfielder.  The forwards stayed up and waited for the ball to be delivered to them and were extremely good at transitioning to offense.  In my opinion, the key to today's victory was how the defense kicked into a higher gear and went into shut down mode in the 2nd half and allowed just one shot on goal in the final 38 minutes of the game.  They were an immovable object today.

I especially liked how more of the boys paid attention to the game and really focused on how they could get involved. I will never get upset if the boys stay in their positions or do not make a good pass.  That tells me they are mentally in the game, which is a BIG part of playing.

We could fine tune some things.   I still would like to see more lead passes from the midfield to the forwards to create more scoring chances.  The strikers are made up of boys with a ton of speed, strength and great ball handling skills.  Building the relationship between the midfielders and forwards may be just a matter of time.  

Up next, we are back at the practice field tomorrow to get ready for Skomor.  The coaching points will be mostly around building that trust between the forwards and midfielders, but ultimately, just keeping them at the top of their game.  Practice will be shorter than usual.  We will finish up at 5:15 PM. 

I feel good about today's effort.  We have seen considerable amount of improvement with the team game.

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