Fall 2012 Season - Game 4

Today's game was the biggest test of adversity the boys have faced all season.  Pegasus is a team that executes the fundamentals of soccer VERY well.  I now understand why they have been competitive in every game they have played thus far.  To come away with a tie against a team like that says a lot about the athleticism and perseverance that these boys have. 

Once again, we should all be proud of these boys for their effort and their refusal to lose today.  That sequence late in the game that ultimately set up Graham's break away goal was awesome.  Not only did the Hawks score the tying goal, but they believed that they could have won the game if there was just a few more minutes on the clock.  Believing in their abilities is a great sign of confidence. 

Games like the one we played today can be a great measuring stick as to where the team really is and shows us the opportunities for where we can improve.

The exciting part about our schedule is that the Hawks get to face Pegasus again on our home field in week 9. 

Up next, we are back on the practice field to start prepping for the Chicago Magic.  The coaching points will focus on the basics to playing positions, defensive clearing without panic, lead passing from the midfield and field awareness.  Developing the passing game remains top priority.  Upcoming practices will appear to be unorthodox compared to recent weeks.  The boys have the athletic instincts to play the game.  I want to give them more knowledge to go with those instincts. 

Like many of you have said, these boys are inches away from becoming a great team.

Have a great week.  

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