Fall Season 2012 - Game 6

First off, how cool was it to see that big hawk buzz the field during the 1st half of today's game.  Welcome home, mascot!!

Even though the boys needed yesterday's humbling experience, they also needed today's game to remind them that they do have what it takes to compete against other great soccer teams in the division. 

They played their best game today.  Here is how:

- The teamwork today was the best I have seen.  The passing game was effective.  Most of the boys kept to their positions and trusted that their teammates was going to get their job done.
- The defense really is very underrated.   We have had a lot of success in the 1-3-2 formation.   Tyler, Alex and Noah did an outstanding job of defending against Leon's transition offense, and the midfielders all have done a great, great job of getting back to support.
- Speaking of the midfielders, in recent weeks my focus has been on getting these boys comfortable with their positions as well as their roles on the the field. They are responding well.  These kids are smart.
- They do not fear taking shots on goal.  Having the confidence to unload a shot on goal when in the area is a good thing.  Sure they miss a lot of shots, but over time those misses will get adjusted. 

My favorite part is that more of the boys are starting to drink my kool-aid.  The majority of the team is starting to understand the basics to my philosophy of playing soccer.  They hustle to every loose ball.  They defend most opponent's possessions regardless of where they are on the field and they are starting to figure out how to work together in moving the ball up the field.  (They know that the midfielders are extremely important in this movement).  There was a lot less bee-hiving today.  All of this contributed largely to today's success. 

Great win today!!!

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