Fall Season 2012 - Game 9

Playing a team like Pegasus should remind us all that every team will be gunning for our boys.  Teams are going to bring their best to the game in an attempt to claim the victory that both sides covet.  Our sons did a great job this past Saturday.  They started the game strong, took the lead early and played strong defense to protect it while continuing to transition aggressively on the counter-attacks.

This was definitely not one of their finer performances, but they still did enough to taste the sweet nectar of victory by a score of 4-2.  Give credit to Pegasus for disrupting the boys game plan. Their record does not indicate the quality of talent that those boys display.  They are a team that is very close to being very good. 

Let's look at the highlights:

- The passing game continues to improve.  I really like how most of the boys are playing their positions and are staying in their positions.  They are more patient on the field and wait for the ball to come to them as opposed to chasing the ball down. 
- The midfielders supported great on defense.  They continued to defend high up the field and challenged every opposing possession.
- My favorite part was how the boys really tightened up their coverage on their goal kicks.  That coverage created real problems for Pegasus. 

Up next, we conclude the season against the Wings in a rematch from a September game.  It is the last game of the season.  The boys should go into this game holding nothing back and firing on all cylinders.  Game time is at 9:00 AM, please have the boys at the field and ready to go by 8:30 AM.  The uniform colors will be black jerseys/white shorts/white socks with the black Kelme logo.

See you all then. 

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