Spring 2013 - Game 6

It was a lot of fun watching these boys come together as a team and play a solid 60 minutes of soccer and by far their best 30 minutes ever in the 1st half in which these boys were a machine.  Up front the passing game was crisp, and creative with the boys tallying two 4-touch sequences.  In the 3rd minute of the game, Graham found the back of the net off an Aryan centering pass.  Moments later, Aryan scored again unassisted as a result of winning the ball on high pressure on their defense in possession.  Tyler found his first career goal by launching a bomb from midfield.  While his intentions may have been to clear the ball, Tyler had the ultimate clear.

Possession was there.  The boys applied a ton of pressure on offense.  All was good.

Halftime score:  Hawks - 4 Fox Valley Bayern Munich - 1

In the 2nd half, things did get interesting in the backfield as Fox Valley was able to apply a lot of pressure and create many scoring chances for themselves.  Let's not forget that they still have a good front line and can do some damage if given a little seam.  Despite  the challenge, Noah, Tyler, Alex and Mateo held their ground well and made me proud of their efforts.  That said, whenever they would convert on a goal.  Our boys were able to get it right back.  Two goals were scored off corner kicks.  Tommy's header goal off Markie's corner was ridiculous and a real momentum changer.  Matthew finished the game with yet another impressive goal.

Final score:  Hawks - 8 Fox Valley Bayern Munich - 4

Let's call out some boys:

Flash and Dash (Matthew and Graham):  These two boys are a big reason the offense is so successful at attacking from the wings.  Matthew, you got game.
Tommy: Seriously, your goal was lights out.  I heard your  dad on the sideline looking for  more  freakish-like goals later in the half.
Tyler:  How can we not call out someone who scores his first career goal.  Nicely done, young man.
Voodoo Ninja:  You continue to impress on defense.

Up next, we use Wednesday's practice to prepare for the Chicago Magic.  NO PRACTICE ON SUNDAY.  Mom's deserve a break - at least from soccer.  Practice on Wednesday will be at 6pm.  We will see the boys then.

Happy Mother's Day everyone.

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