Spring 2013 Game 7

Saturday was quite the game.  The boys remembered the last time they played this
Magic City team (FYI - that score was 7-2 on the losing end).  It also marked
the day I witnessed several of the boys learn from that loss in a BIG way and
take their game to another level.  Since that game, the boys have rattled off 10
wins in their next 11 games and playing the game one step closer to the level I
expect them to reach.  That is quite the accomplishment for these boys.  A solid
outing against a talented Chicago Magic City team would further validate what it
already perceived as a successful season.

The boys started the game strong.  They looked sharp in their possession game.
During  the first 7 minutes, the boys completes 27 passes with 2 4-touch
sequences and a pretty 3-touch sequence that set up Markie's first goal.  4
minutes later, Markie connected on another goal to put the boys up 2-0.  This is
when things started turning.  Moments later, Markie had an opportunity to send
home a 3rd goal on a penalty kick.  However, he would not be so lucky.  The
Magic keeper made a great save to prevent the goal.  This changed the momentum
of the game.    When a Jorge Valle coached team gets an opportunity to get back
into the game, they are going to take it....and that is exactly what they did.
They came back with 2 goals before halftime by setting up 1v1 situations against
our defense and capitalizing on good open looks at the goal.

Halftime score:  Hawks 2 Magic 2

The second half, started  much like the first half ended.  The Magic maintained
momentum of the game with their isolation game.  Early into the 2nd half they
once again scored on a nice shot from the right side to take their first lead of
the game.  While the boys may have been feeling the heat from the weather, they
never stopped playing.  Moments later, Ben broke loose in transition from a
midfielder's through ball from Graham and finished the play with a very nice
goal into the lower right corner to tie the game again.  The rest of the half
played out very evenly.  Entering the 57th minute, the score was even at 4-4.
Both teams were battling back and forth to get that one possession that creates
the winning score.  The referee allowe the game to continue into some extra
time.  With the way all of the boys were working on both sides, a tie would have
been more than satisfying.  Such would not be the case.  About the 62nd minute
from a throw in near midfield, Graham connected with Aryan who then led Markie
moving lateral from left to right.  He made one move against a Magic defender
and sent a shot from just outside the penalty box screaming to the far back
post.  That goal put the boys up 5-4.  One minute later, the game ended.

Final score:  Hawks 5 Magic 4

Give credit to the boys on the Magic.  They played very well and were not going
to let down at any point during this game.

Lets call out some boys:

Markie - Another great game!  You have mad skills.
Ben - Very nice break-out game!  Your goal was a momentum changer.  All around,
I was proud of what you did on the day.

Marco - I asked you to fill in for Silk on defense in his absence and you
delivered.  Good work.

Up next, the boys are back on the pitch for practice on Wednesday at 6pm to
start getting ready for the rematch against this same Magic team.  It should be
another fun game.  Have a great week!    

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