Fall 2012 Season - Game 1

Hi everyone,

Talk about a statement game!

This travel soccer stuff is fun.  I guess the secret about the newest, coolest North Shore U8 soccer team will be officially out when the scores are updated on the web site this afternoon.

The boys executed well.  They played like a team.  They took charge from minute one.  Here are the key observations:

Congratulations to Mick for making history and scoring the team's first ever goal!  This is the first of many.

Goals were scored by 6 different players.  All but one goal was scored from an assist.  The boys created several more chances that were either just off target or saved by the opposing keeper (who was VERY busy today).

My favorite observation was that EVERYBODY contributed because they got their teammates involved.  These boys are more than just a team with great players.  They are becoming a great team.

The keepers were not needed too often, but they stepped up when necessary.  There were three spectacular saves made on the day.  Guy, kudos to you for stepping up and playing goalie both halves. Overall, the play was solid.

They were outstanding.  I received a lot of compliments from random observers after the game about how well they played as a team.  This is a tribute to how much they have grown in such a short time.  Just think, this is the start of a season long work in progress.  As the season progresses, they are going to improve on their existing skills and learn new ones along the way.

Up next, we go back to the practice field tomorrow at 4:00PM to start prepping for Team Evanston.  Practice will take place back at the Hawk's Nest.  The primary coaching points will focus on transitioning to team defense and learning to avoid off-sides.  Technically, time will be spent working on keeping their feet on the ground for throw-ins.  And yes, we will scrimmage.  Practice is planned to go until 6:00PM.  Let's keep it there for now and then as the season progresses (and daytime starts to shrink further), we will reduce the time to 90 minutes.

The boys played like champions today.  Let them celebrate.  Let them be confident, but do not let it get to their heads too much.  We should be proud.

See you all tomorrow.


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